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September 28, 2017

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Hawaiian and Californian: The most sensitive and relaxing massages

April 9, 2013

Stress and other factors that surround us affect our daily lives and many times we think of giving us a massage or some treatment that can relax the body and mind, but we do not know very well what to choose. Well I'll give you some advice: try these massages!!


Here is a brief explanation of each:


Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian):

It is one of the most profound ways of massaging the body and its goal is to achieve total harmony by working all the muscles and facilitating the passage of energy fluids. The key to this massage is that it acts at the same time on different areas, so that the brain has a hard time concentrating on two distant areas at a time, so that the person receiving it automatically disconnects and lets go. This flow of energy, accompanied by continuous massage, relaxes the person completely, helping to release old thoughts, patterns of behavior that cause limitations and that the Huna philosophy tells us that they are in our body and not in our mental programming. Recommended for stress, tiredness, the feeling of collapse and above all, for those people who go through some change in their lives, as it will help them to face the new situation.





This massage technique in addition to providing you with a rapid physical well-being, helps to align the three basic centers (physical, emotional and mental). It stands out for the quality of the contact, the softness and sensitivity of the hands, the fluidity of the long movements as. This is how as the tissue opens up to this warm contact, it can go deeper. A feeling of relaxation is what the patient perceives through the body and the masseur responds with integrative movements. This work fits more people who want to become aware of their body, improve their posture or their breathing, those who have chronic pain or stress. It is advisable for people who are going through a process of change or a crisis because it can bring a new vision to their own life.


Hope you try them!!





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