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Be Muga: Trasciende en tu negocio

September 28, 2017

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How to improve the result: Labor co-operation

October 8, 2013


Until now, for the realization of a design for a product or a service, the companies used only the knowledge of the professionals in charge in each department. To do this, they must know the difficulties and the problems of the consumers, to be able to design the perfect solution. A series of specialized techniques, help them to generate a great amount of ideas and concepts, that later, will be polishing and relating until forming a solid idea of ​​project.


Once finished, the result should be put to the test, putting it in the hands of the consumer. This will be the one that gives an answer, a feedback that will serve to determine the utility, result .... of the product or service, and why not, can determine if the company should or not, put it on the market. These kinds of processes take time and are not as easy as they may seem. However, new concepts are emerging that can help us to achieve better results for the consumer.


A new concept that emerged recently, talks about the "labor co-operation", which is simply about including the consumer in the process of designing a product or service. This can save us time and energy. Why give the customer the possibility of trying a product when we can give him the possibility to participate in its realization?


How does it benefit us as a company?

The consumer knows the problems and difficulties he has every day, so he more than anyone knows how to solve them, so we must involve him in this process. We must listen to their opinions and ideas, since many of them have very good solutions. Many times we want to give too much importance to a design, leaving aside the functionality and use of it     


How do we apply theory to our sector?

We can involve the client in the process of creating the spa treatment chart. How? There are many trends in treatments, and all spa's often offer a variety of such trends. The problem with which many centers are, is that some of these treatments have no way out; many centers do not remove them from their letters. We can directly ask the clients what treatments they miss in their habitual or sporadic center, that they think, that they record of what they want that they offer them to them.


There are many ways and formats to carry out this kind of feedback. Also, we must know what they would like us to offer, for example, treatment tasting for their birthdays, free treatment every 5 treatments performed, monthly offers, new treatments every 6 months .... Services of those who believe that they should enjoy being clients of our center. We must know what the customer wants, what he thinks he deserves, what he thinks he would do in our place ... this will help us to shape our business and greatly improve our customer service.




Market studies are necessary for any company, especially if it is in a time of changes and "catching up". Another leg of this bank, are the trends. These help us to lead a business pattern, creating competencies and generating market. But let's not forget that it is still theory, and that in practice our customers are diverse and different, and they are the most important. We have to be clear that we work for and for the consumer, so it is necessary to know firsthand how they would like to meet their needs, and only they can give us this information.




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