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Be Muga: Trasciende en tu negocio

September 28, 2017

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BSpa Workshops for Students & Professionals

May 14, 2014

At BSpa, we believe that training is the foundation of our work. Our team continues to study and renovate their work areas and expand knowledge of others that may not work so much in our routine.


We have fantastic schools, with good teachers and excellent preparation of subjects, but we all know that not everything is learned in school, and that when you go to work you seem to forget everything. It is true that you have new opportunities to learn together with active professionals, but sometimes it seems a leap too big and insecurities take over..


As you know, we actively collaborate with the Thuya School, to support the training of the students with our Workshops and Training:


- We have been able to share knowledge about therapies that were unknown, since they are not taught in Esthetics courses, such as Shiatsu, Thai Traditional Massage, Lomi-Lomi Nui ... although the goal is not so much to teach them a technique, but to awaken their interest, that they can know what is on the other side and that they enjoy to enjoy with the therapies and to connect with each one of them.


- For those students who were still unclear about what their work approach would be or what therapies they specialize in, etc ... we offered theoretical-practical sessions of Motivational Coaching, with a great involvement on the part of the students and helping themselves to discover their truthful concerns in this sector.


- We have taught them aesthetic Aparatology techniques such as photodepilation with Diode, Cavitation and LPG, Radiofrequency ... so that they are informed of the latest news and have basic knowledge for their manipulation.


The workshops or workshops that we have created, adapt to the needs of each one of you.

Contact us and we will inform you!






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