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Be Muga: Trasciende en tu negocio

September 28, 2017

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"ESpa Basics®" & "ESpa in Room®", protocols that will enhance the Customer Experience.

July 15, 2014


For a few months, we have been studying the best way to offer our customers a service that is careful and that meets the highest standards of quality.


Our goal is to turn your Spa or Wellness Center into a true luxury experience, and we understand that the treatment that your client receives at all times is very important. For this reason, we have created unique and exclusive protocols of attention and experience to the client, in format of monographic courses, so that its workers learn tools to offer an exclusive and differentiated treatment.


 "ESpa Basics®"

 "ESpa in Room®"


It would seem logical to always offer a distinguished treatment, but it is not often given. Few are the centers that have created their own protocols, where role management is applied by performing "Roll Experience" among employees and using specific techniques of verbal communication, body and DISC coaching, among others. These are the centers able to retain their clientele, as they offer a unique and personalized treatment.


When we talk about exclusive and distinguished treatment, we do not mean a helpful treatment, if not rather treat the customer as we would like to be treated to us. We must remember at all times that we can not lose our closeness to our customers, but we must know how to adapt to each one of them.


On the other hand, we would like to emphasize that our protocols do not define exclusively the treatment with clients, but also to guide them through the center and recommend them at all times what suits them.


Here is an example:

How many therapists have they found clients standing in the room or sitting on the table when they had already been told to lie down? That is precisely what we want to avoid; customers who do not know what to do or where to go. The client can not have the sensation of "being lost" in a place where he is supposed to come to relax, as we generate the client a certain level of anxiety and discomfort.


In order to maintain a standard of adequate quality month after month, you must make incursions of a "Mistery Guest"; it can report any protocol anomaly so that it can be reviewed if necessary.


But two other important pillars are the ongoing training of all employees and the ability to keep them motivated day after day. Without these two elements, we are creating workers with lack of energy and desire to face a new day, which will affect the quality of our service and that will be reflected in our operating accounts.




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