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Be Muga: Trasciende en tu negocio

September 28, 2017

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Join the Movement!

April 27, 2015


Some time ago, we told you about an initiative that was generating interest and notoriety around the world with its philosophy, which little by little has gained the respect of great representatives, both commercial, entrepreneurs and developers, of the global Wellness sector. A dream that was born in Turkey by the hands of Belgin Aksoy, to whom today we all join, making it a reality.


The turns of life, those that are sometimes sweet and in others are more bitter, allow Belgin to find his inner gift, a path demarcated by the word wellness. He visualized that a healthier and more balanced world was possible, and he wanted to convey to every corner of the planet the idea that we all could take care of ourselves and be aware of how important it is for the development of our lives to the fullest.


Although this seems obvious, when we consider that there are currently millions of people in the world who, due to different economic, political or social situations, do not have access to "well-being", we understand that living really to the fullest unfortunately happens to become from the aspiration of all, to a luxury for a few.


With this clear objective in mind, Belgin uses all the techniques and possibilities at his disposal and with those that he manages to get in touch with while developing his ideas, also using the means and resources that allow him to establish this initiative and turn it into a reality. There lies the work of someone who saw it possible to eliminate all frontiers, creating the Global Wellness Day initiative.



In short, it is a special day, an occasion that celebrates the possibility of receiving wellness care and living well, in which we can carry out any activity, regardless of where it is developed, always in aims to be healthier physical, mentally and spiritually. Thus, during this day all the people attending are offered the chance to be a little happier. Because happiness, after all, is nothing more than feeling good about yourself.


Since its inception in 2012, Global Wellness Day has been officially celebrated in more than 100 countries in thousands of different cities and more and more are joining. This has also been possible thanks to one of the most valuable resources that the initiative has: The Ambassadors or voluntary figures of the movement representing each country and who are responsible for giving voice to this great project. They are highly recognized professionals in the sector, who have contributed so the dream never ends.


As the years went by and as the movement gained a greater international presence, the Ambassadors seemed not to be enough since they alone could not cover the avalanche of calls they received. Thus, Belgin and his team, decide to expand the staff creating the figure of the Key Supporter, that is, people selected for their work in the sector who would have the task of helping the GWD continue to grow and reach those who need it most.


We wanted to tell you about this adventure because today we are proud to have been summoned to be part of this great family, this great team and this common dream. We are very proud to be Key Supporters for GWD Spain.


So we look forward to your next installment in Spain and provide you with everything that this movement is capable of offering!













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