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Be Muga: Trasciende en tu negocio

September 28, 2017

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SeaSkin Sustainable Cosmetic Meeting

November 13, 2015

The main objective of the holistic-dermatological-medicine brand SeaSkin, is to promote the revitalization and rejuvenation of the epidermis beginning with an interior renewal that reflects the radiance of our authentic beauty.


Perhaps for this reason we always bet on the R as a pillar on which to support our code of ethics:


- RECOVERY of SeaSkin empty containers in the recycling corner of our BeautyClub.

- REUTILIZATION of our bags, made in ecological cotton and printed in non-polluting ink.

- RECYCLING of different materials -like our boat canvas pufs- to create a unique atmosphere and unique and sustainable objects.

- COLLECTION of medicinal plants from our own orchard, located in El Naranco (Oviedo).



We want to make our small contribution to help the society in which we live change for the better. With small gestures, step by step, without hurry, but without pause. And encompassing all possible aspects of a lifestyle in harmony with our environment and with ourselves.


SeaSkin's holistic dermocosmetic medicine are the roots of a brand that works towards nutritional counseling, introspection therapies and physical preparation.


A wide range of products able to respond to every moment of our busy day to day, from our essential oils to honey and infusions, as well as mineral-medicinal waters.


Our goal is to be able to offer everything we need to achieve the perfect balance between body and mind and pack it for the gift of our five senses.


Our philosophy, our values, our way of understanding the world and our vision of where we should evolve they are gaining more and more adepts. There are many who share our way of seeing things, so we would like to take these words to thank them for their support and enthusiasm for our brand.






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