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Be Muga: Trasciende en tu negocio

September 28, 2017

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Latest Spa News: Akwaterra Kit

September 5, 2016

Akwaterra Kit,  stole our heart some time ago. He won the Spa Innovation Award in 2015. Its high quality ceramic pieces (made in France), its design and its effectiveness in the therapy, made them great deserving of this award.


Its duability is what makes it especially sensitive: it can be used either with hot water or with cold water, always depending on the patient's condition and the results we want to obtain.


Its different designs for each piece, Kaya, Kinsei, Satinka, make it perfect to work on any part of the body; and Ishka for some dream facials. 



Something that you can find in the majority of Spa, and a technique that have half the world in love with, is the Pindas. But Akwaterrra has several advantages against the pindas, although its form of use is very similar:

- you can wash and disinfect the parts after each use (more hygienic)

- you can use them with hot / cold water

- you can mix different essential oils to give a touch of aromatherapy without interfering at the olfactory level with the medicinal herbs of the pindas

- you can use them as an oil container during the massage, and you make sure that the oil is at the same temperature as the water in the ceramic dish

- high durability (lifetime)

- excellent decorative element when not in use


The kit contains 8 pieces (two for each design), ceramic plate, heater and marketing stationery for you to use in your centers.


Currently, these are some of the renowned centers / Spa in France that have decided to innovate by implementing this rejalante therapy:

Hotel du Castellet *****

Five Senses Middle East Village Club *****

Spa Hotel Beaumaniere (La Provence)


Moreover, in France, this type of massage is already being taught from the same schools of Aesthetics and Therapies, as part of the usual training of a professional in our sector.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.




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