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Be Muga: Trasciende en tu negocio

September 28, 2017

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Be Muga: Transcend in your business.

September 28, 2017

When we want to start a new spa business or optimize a wellness company that we had already established to reach its full potential, usually we dive in a research process that is framed by the rules of the market. We begin to think more and more in terms like strategic planning, sales, results, marketing, expansion, finance, advertising, etc. And we turn our attention to a myriad of tools that are focused on the potential economic benefits for any business model, without stopping to think that businesses within the wellness scope have certain mechanics and a language of their own that require different efforts.


In that sense, it is important to ask ourselves what is the soul of our company?


The company is the service it offers, but under the soil that cement these services there is a human and philosophical framework that gives life and particularity to our business. Only by understanding this concept all our ideas will be clear and structured enough to achieve not only the economic objectives, but also to transcend through our business model. This implies going beyond offering and executing a particular service, is to think our company as a living being that requires being feed physically and spiritually to grow strengthened.


This important process must occur naturally, there is no kind of "wellness philosophy" that one can adapt to the company. Neither can this philosophy be imposed, since the user of our services will notice a disconnection between what we say our service is and the execution of it. Many of us have been to a spa where in the entrance there is a statue of Buddha that welcomes us, but when interacting with its staff we notice that the gestures and language of those who work there do not reflect in any sense the Zen state. Therefore, it is not about the setting, it is about the fact that everything from the spaces to the hands of the therapist, have to transmit an integrated and unique philosophy.


This is achieved through the constant development of distinctive and unique ways of differentiating our company from others within the sector, and finally when we offer a service that has the capacity to transcend, to remain impregnated in the client until his next visit.



More than a philosophy, Be Muga.


The Japanese translate this way of thinking and doing that we’re referring to as the total surrender of being in doing, calling it Muga (無 我). To reach this state of being is to act in a spontaneous, pure, perfect and total way, without any blockage; something that is only possible when the self transcends, forgetting our corporeity and remembering that we are souls that have a physical body and not bodies that have a soul.



We have to see our company in that same way. Thinking of its soul as the philosophy that determines it and its body as the people who work there, therefore, the whole team, from the executive staff to the therapists, must become what they do, merging technique with being.



Services focused on transcending.

Regardless of what Spa Concept we have proposed for our business model, or the philosophical affiliation that demarcates our services (may them be Western-like types as the chiropractic massage or more oriental-like types as the Thai massage, for example) we should be able to establish a space-client-therapist communication within muga state, not only in the cabin during the massage, but from the reception of the client until he leaves our facilities. Is not enough that we make him feel that he is in a space of peace, regardless of daily stress, we must offer him the opportunity to let go of his corporeality and meet with his inner self, with his essence. 



That is why it is vital for our business that our service and facilities have the capacity to flow from the staff and spaces and reach to the customer, leaving a significant footprint on him that will encourage him to return. This is only achieved when the service provider finally becomes the service itself, that is, when the boundaries between the physical and the incorporeal are transcended. All the intention and effort behind each of the services we offer must be focused towards achieving this goal, a concept that ultimately translates into the customer experience.



Training to create experiences.

The root that must feed our efforts is understanding that the client chooses to go to the spa because he is looking for a unique experience. Having that on mind, we must ensure that our employees and therapists develop skills, not only in the most managerial (sales, communication, organization ... ) or technical aspects (in terms of manual or natural therapies to offer), but by working on their own personal growth to favor this experience.



Generally we make the mistake of leaving the staff do their training by themselves, failing to amalgamate all the knowledge and experiences they have individually when we try to incorporate it to our business. That is something that always has a toll in the quality of our services, making it impossible to reach a standardization of them. The issue is that their ways of doing and thinking cannot be complemented when becoming a team that will ultimately represent the essence of our company.


Among our greatest interests is that we provide our staff with a meaningful and inclusive training, capable of addressing deeper aspects that allow them to transcend both personally and professionally so that they reach a state of unity in which the technique or tasks that they play are part of themselves, and finally flow naturally towards the client, managing to reach the desired Muga state.


Anywhere on the planet, people who dedicate themselves to execute skills that require precise and coordinated physical movements - from musicians and jugglers to sportsmen and manual therapists - must have access to a certain degree of Muga in their actions to reach an extraordinary level of ability. However, only those who at the highest level are able to perform these actions automatically without thinking about the movements they must do become true teachers.


We must point out all our efforts towards this goal, since it is something that will ultimately result in the improvement of the quality of our services and that experience that the client takes home with him.




Transcend is simply to integrate the Muga concept in everything we undertake, that is the factor that will allow our business to go further in a more significant and meaningful way.



Written and edited by BSpa Consulting

September 2017


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