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Be Muga: Trasciende en tu negocio

September 28, 2017

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The rol of the Consultant in the Spa Business. Interview with Sonal Uberoi

December 13, 2017


This week we had the pleasure of talking with Sonal Uberoi, renowned international specialist in the spa industry, who has stood out for the management of wellness centers, working hand in hand with the leading companies in the sector throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

During the interview, we tried to clarify the role currently played by consultants in the field of wellness and spa business, and the knowledge they can provide to the spa industry.


According to Sonal, the perspective that entrepreneurs or hotel managers have when making the decision to hire a consultant, is based on three important aspects.


The first one is the lack of knowledge of the area, because many entrepreneurs invest in the sector without knowing all the possibilities and business opportunities that can occur in a dynamic, changing environment and whose services are highly demanded by a very demanding client, that is happy to receive the treatment and care that your body needs.


Another aspect that the expert points out and that is taken into account when hiring the services of a consultant is the need to have an expert who can guide them in areas such as technology, customer management, marketing and advertising, spa services, among others, and therefore, guide them in making decisions inherent to the hiring of personnel, strategic planning and even in the purchase of specialized equipment or in the choice of an interior design that best suits the services that the center intends to offer.


Third, we find the subject of competition. Sonal argues that in every spa or wellness center there is "a growing need to maintain its competitiveness in the market" because, as mentioned above, the sector is in constant movement and transformation, not only because of the emergence of new trends and technologies, but because the user of this type of services must be presented with a highly attractive and comprehensive offer, which capitalizes on that current need that we all have - and therefore of which we are increasingly aware - to see ourselves feeling good physically and even spiritually.


In that sense, in the words of the expert, the strategy of every entrepreneur in the sector should be based on "an attractive design, an innovative offer, and thinking the spa as your point of differentiation", as these are pillars, not only for the proper functioning of the center, but to keep it in the mind of the consumer.


Another aspect that the expert emphasizes is the location factor, since the offer of services will also depend on where the Spa is located. The climate, access, proximity or distance to urban centers or the culture of the consumer, will also demarcate the strategies that must be taken into account.


For all the above, Sonal believes that currently most hotels and centers need the hiring of an external figure such as the consultant, who is always aware of what is cutting edge and helps visualize new or better business opportunities. Whether it is "a new and emerging market or large chains, every company needs resources of expertise and knowledge of the local market (...). But in general, small hotels are those that most often require orientation of this figure" so it is important to have someone to turn to and get qualified advice.


For more information about the work carried out by Sonal Uberoi, enter here or go to the portal of her consulting company: 


If you want to know more about this and other topics related to the wellness sector, do not miss a next installment of our cycle of professional interviews.











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